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Accommodating Specific Requests in Studio Scripts

Hi everyone

Most likely on Saturday, I will be posting a new build of the StationPlaylist JAWS scripts. I am going to keep the existing set on the website as well because we know that
one is stable and very good. But I’ve made some significant internal adjustments in this latest one, so you should only download this upcoming build if
you are affected by one of the following issues.

Accommodated a customer request, he wanted all the new script functionality to be available to him for Studio V5 as well as 5.01, this is now done.

Those few people who have problems with not getting track notification endings, or where various functions return 0 values such as remaining track time,
have had a fix applied. This is a StationPlaylist Studio API limitation on some machines. There is a special mode to activate which I will detail in the
release notes if this happens to you.

Problems typing the grave accent character as reported by a user. You now press the grave accent sign twice quickly to type the sign into your text,
pressing it once acts as usual.

Two problems relating to the Wavestreaming server provider. We did obtain a Wavestreaming account with AutoDJ specifically for the testing.

First, the encoder connection isn’t being acted upon when using the SAM encoders. In fact this is not a problem related to jaws as some people believe, but I’ve applied a workaround nonetheless. 

New feature, ability to stop and start the AutoDJ on Wavestreaming accounts. You need to tell jaws what the starting URL is, the stop URL and the password.
There is a wizard to guide you through this training process. Once jaws knows this information the AutoDJ can be started and stopped with two keystrokes.

I think that covers just about everything. More over the weekend.