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More Dropbox Folder Management with JAWS for Windows

Quite a number of people have retweeted via Twitter my blog entry concerning the management of Dropbox folders, included it in newsletters and asked questions by Email. Because of the questions I've received, I am preparing this blog entry which I hope answers them.

Password and Security

If you have not logged into the Dropbox website for some time, it is possible that you may be asked to reset your password. This is in line with the Dropbox added security policy implemented last year which they proposed some time before they implemented it.

Should you be asked to reset your password, activate the "Send Email" Button on the page you are viewing and an Email will be sent to you. This message will contain a Link taking you back to the website. Press Enter on the Link in the message in order to do so and follow the instructions given.

There is a further strand to Dropbox security if you care to implement it. This is called "Two Step Security". Two-step verification adds an extra layer of protection to your account. Whenever you sign in to the Dropbox website or link a new device. Once implemented, you will need to enter both your password and also a security code sent to your mobile phone. Here is how to implement Two Step Security:

  1. Browse to the Dropbox website at and ensure you are logged in.
  2. Press Insert+F7 to bring into view the list of Links on the webpage, and select the Link containing your name. Press Enter.
  3. Press Insert+Escape to refresh the JAWS Virtual Buffer.
  4. The screen now in focus presents details of your account. From here, you can change the Dropbox account settings and see how much space your files are occupying together with the total space remaining.
  5. Again, using the list of Links if you wish, press Enter on the "Settings" Link.
  6. Press Insert+Escape to refresh the JAWS Virtual Buffer.
  7. Again, using the list of Links if you wish, press Enter on the "Security" Link.
  8. Press Insert+Escape to refresh the JAWS Virtual Buffer.
  9. On this screen you will enable the Two Step Security. You can also in addition change your password if required. But for now, using the list of Links if you wish, press Enter on the "Enable" Link.
  10. Press Insert+Escape to refresh the JAWS Virtual Buffer.
  11. Press the letter B to locate the "Get Started Button". Press Enter on the Button.
  12. If necessary, press Insert+Escape to refresh the JAWS Virtual Buffer.
  13. Locate the "Password" Edit Field on this page and ensure you type your password into it. The Quick Navigation key, E, can be used.
  14. Press Enter to click the "Next" Button.
  15. Note that on this screen, you may need to disable JAWS "Forms Mode". If so, press NumPad Plus to do this and read the screen with the Arrow keys. This screen asks how you would like to receive your security codes. There are two Radio Buttons, "Use text messages, Security codes will be sent to your mobile phone", and the other is "Use a mobile app, Security codes will be generated by an authenticator app." Select the Radio Button of your choosing by pressing the Space Bar on it.
  16. Finally, press Enter or Space Bar on the "Next" Button. Now follow the instructions you are given depending upon the option chosen.

Sharing a Folder with Collaborators

It seems I was wrong. People are finding the process of sharing folders with others difficult. Here's how to do it:

  1. First create the folder using Windows Explorer on your computer. Assuming the Dropbox Windows application is installed, launch it from the Desktop.
  2. Create the new folder in the usual way you would do within Windows.
  3. When the folder is created, focus on it in order it is selected, and activate the Context Menu with the Context Menu key, or press Shift+F10.
  4. Press Down Arrow repeatedly until you reach the item "Share This Folder ..." and press Enter on the item.
  5. Press ALT+Tab to focus upon the Dropbox website which will have been brought into view after a short pause. Alternatively, you can select it from the Insert+F10 "Window List" utility and press Enter when it is located.
  6. Press Insert+Escape to refresh the JAWS Virtual Buffer.
  7. The screen now in focus is the important one in respect of sharing the folder. It contains several controls, some of which I will mention. The first is a Check Box, "Allow Members to Invite Others". You may wish to uncheck this box in order that you have complete control as to who gets invited. Your collaborators cannot invite anyone you do not wish to see the files if this is unchecked.
  8. By pressing the Quick Navigation key, E, locate the second, (not the first), Edit Field and ensure Forms Mode is enabled if necessary by pressing Enter.
  9. Type the Email address of the person you wish to collaborate with. It is a good idea to ask the potential recipient for the Email address to which the Dropbox account he or she has is assigned.
  10. Most importantly, press Tab twice, (not once). It may feel a little sluggish but just go with it.
  11. JAWS will probably say, "Edit", at this point. This is the field in which you can enter a personal message, not essential.
  12. Deactivate Forms Mode by pressing NumPad Plus.
  13. Review the screen with the Arrow keys and you will probably see the potential collaborator's name, or at the very least, an Email address, which is hyperlinked.
  14. Press the letter B to reach the "Share Folder" Button and press Enter on it.
  15. Press Insert+Escape to refresh the JAWS Virtual Buffer. The process is now complete.