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Bert's Place Audio Dramas

Hi everyone

We are delighted that lots of people are visiting the Bert's Place website at to read about, (and listen to), the adventures of Bert the Leprechaun. We really appreciate all the comments you give to us via AudioBoo,, Twitter and Facebook, and he loves them all too! We have introduced a new photo gallery containing over 70 pictures of Bert when he is out and about. Feel free to check it out!

The audio dramas have been in production for two years now and it has become very clear that people are unsure as to their context, particularly if they have not been following his adventures since the start or who have not read the journal. Added to this, we are often being asked when the next audio drama will be produced.

We've decided to take a step back from the drama production for a month or two. We are going to do some editing and further work on the existing dramas so as to provide some context, thus making them even more professional. In this way, people will get a sense of where Bert came from and how each adventure came to be. We also want to do some work on the podcast feed itself to make it look a little more professional.

Once this work is done, we will begin work on the next drama. We know what the storyline is going to be, so it will definitely happen, it just may take a few weeks before it is recorded and uploaded.

To address another question, as and when the new drama is released, it will be posted to Bert's AudioBoo account. However, for reasons of quality, we always recommend listening to the dramas from the Bert's Place website.

We hope you continue to enjoy the offerings in Bert's Place, especially his journal as this keeps you right up-to-date with his life!