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Build 10 of StationPlaylist 5 Scripts for JAWS

Build 10 of the StationPlaylist 5 scripts for JAWS is now posted. This contains something which provides a significant improvement relating to the interaction by JAWS in the Playlist Viewer.

To install the scripts, download the installer from
and run it.

1. You can always get to the scripts documentation on the web. This will tell you how to install the scripts and use them. Go here for the documentation:
You can also get a convenient keystroke summary list by pressing Insert+H from within Studio, or again, the full documentation by pressing Insert+F1. Both are available from the Start Menu, All Programs, StationPlaylist Scripts.
Press Insert+H when in the track Tool for a list of keystrokes relevant to it.

2. When in the Playlist Viewer, press the StationPlaylist Key, (grave accent), then Control+P. This will place the whole of the playlist in the virtual viewer for closer inspection without moving focus within the playlist itself, for example while playing.

Now here is an extract from the documentation regarding the last feature.
You can hear an audio demo of this by going here:

As you move through the Playlist Viewer and become more comfortable with it, you may care to reduce the amount of information spoken or which is output to a Braille display. For example, you may not wish to hear the song duration or the full file path of the item. You can reduce the number of columns JAWS tells you about, change the order of them, and independently control the Braille and speech output. You may care to have less information on your Braille display than that which is spoken. That is possible.

Even if you customise the columns, this will not affect your ability to take advantage of "Enhanced Arrow Key Mode" (see below), or being able to press Control+Insert+1 through to Control+Insert+6 to hear individual column information. Those functions are still available.

To customise the reading of the columns, please follow these steps:

  1. Press StationPlaylist Key then Control+C. The "Customise List View" Dialog Box is brought into view.
  2. You are focused within the "Speech" Property Sheet. The first List View control displays all the six columns in the Playlist Viewer. Press Down Arrow until the desired column you do not wish to hear is spoken. As you move through the list, observe that JAWS will announce whether the column will be spoken or not. For example, by default JAWS will say "Title Speak Column".
  3. When you have reached the column you wish to filter, (such as "File Name", press Tab repeatedly until JAWS says "Toggle Speech Button".
  4. Press the Space Bar on the Button. JAWS will say the column name followed by "Do Not Speak", such as "File Name Do Not Speak".
  5. Continue to work through the list until the columns have been customised to your liking. You can at any time press Shift+Tab to move back to the list of columns, then press Up and Down Arrow to hear the results. Now as you move through the list, JAWS will report whether or not the focused column will speak
  6. When you are happy with the arrangement you have made, press Tab repeatedly to reach the "OK" Button and press the Space Bar to activate it. The settings are now saved

As you were customising the List View of columns, you may have noticed some things we have not covered so far.

  • There are two Buttons labelled "Move Up" and "Move Down". These allow you to change the order of the columns spoken. For example, if you wish the track title to be spoken first, then the artist name, press Down Arrow to reach the "Title" option, then press Tab until the "Move Up" Button is located. Press Space Bar to activate the Button, then examine once again your list of columns. You will see that the titles are displayed first.
  • The "Braille" Property Sheet can be activated by pressing Control+Tab. When this is done, exactly the same Dialog Box layout is revealed, except that this time, all items relate to how JAWS reports the columns on a Braille display. Go ahead and repeat the above steps, eliminating columns, (or changing their order), as appropriate. You will notice that this time, the Button to disable the column from being sent to the Braille display is labelled "Toggle Braille" and, when you examine the list of columns, JAWS will say "Do Not Braille" on any item which is not sent to the Braille display.
  • In either the "Speech" or "Braille" Property Sheet, the "Delete Customisations" Button will allow you to remove previously defined column arrangements to allow you once again to hear (or read) all the columns in the Playlist Viewer. Having pressed the Space Bar to activate the Button, a Dialog Box will appear, asking if you are sure you want to delete the customisations. Press the Space Bar on the "Yes" Button.

All the above functionality relating to customising the columns is available in the "Track Tool". Please refer to a later section of this User Guide relating to the marking of introductions which will give some more information concerning the use of the "Track Tool".