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SPL Studio 5 scripts for JAWS updated to build 8

StationPlaylist Studio V5 scripts for JAWS have now been updated to build 8 with the following improvements.

While the zipped archive will always be available which you can extract to your JAWS Settings/ENU folder, you are strongly encouraged to use the new installer. As of this build, it places shortcuts to uninstall the scripts, the read the documentation and to read the keystroke summary. You will find these under All Programs, StationPlaylist Scripts. You can use the installer to overwrite the existing scripts. Just download and run it.

Finding tracks in the playlist is more reliable.
StationPlaylist Key F equals find forward. Type a search string and press Enter to begin.
StationPlaylist Key F3 equals find again. Finds the next instance of the search.
StationPlaylist Key then Control+F equals find backwards.
StationPlaylist Key then Shift+F3 equals find previous.

You have always been able to press Control+Insert+1 through to 6 to read the column titles in the Playlist Viewer. You can now press these keystrokes twice quickly to output the columns to the Virtual Viewer for closer inspection, such as to verify artist or title spellings.

The documentation has been considerably revised and updated to include new sections and change older ones.

The scripts for the Track Tool are included with this version. While in the Track Tool, press Insert+H to get a list of keyboard shortcuts.

Global Keystrokes

You can now operate specific functions of StationPlaylist Studio no matter the application you are in. This is helpful if you are reading e-mail for example,
and you need to quickly interact with Studio. Alternatively, you can complete a Skype call and instantly start the playback of the next track without
having to focus upon Studio first.

Press the StationPlaylist Key then:

To play the next track press ALT+1.
To stop the track with a fade press ALT+2.
To instantly stop the track press ALT+3.
To skip to the next track and fade press ALT+4.
To start the next track without a fade press ALT+5.
To pause the audio playback press ALT+6.
To restart the audio playback after pausing press ALT+7.
To activate the microphone with the song fading press ALT+8.
To deactivate the microphone press ALT+9.
To activate the microphone without the song fading press ALT+0.

As ever the scripts can be downloaded from