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SPL Scripts for jaws updated with new installer

Hi everyone

Since I began producing these scripts for jaws, we have had a significant problem, which is where the default jaws files need to be modified so that certain aspects of Studio can be output globally. Not only has this caused a problem recently as the installer I was using did not work successfully if jaws 14 was the only release on the machine, but also if the jaws program was updated, our modified defaults would sometimes “break” some of the new functionality.

A new updated build has been created to take account of these problems. Whether you choose to use the zipped archive, or the installer, there is now no need to modify the defaults. This should make the process much easier.

So the procedure is run the installer, and when the Finish screen appears, run Studio.
It should not even be necessary to restart jaws.

I would be interested to know if this solves the problem for those people who were experiencing the problems with the old installer.

You can of course download from