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JAWS Scripts for the SPL Track Tool Have Been Released

At Team-FM, we are very pleased to be able to bring you full keyboard access to the stationPlaylist Track Tool using JAWS for Windows scripts.

The purpose of the Track Tool is to quickly establish intro times and/or cue and segue positions of individual songs by listening to them, or by scanning the files with volume settings. It may also be used to view basic track information such as Artist, Title, Album and CD Code in columns which may be sorted. 

In addition to providing enhanced reading of the tracks as you move through them with the Up and Down Arrow keys, an optional sound will play if an intro to a song has been marked and is detected.

The following keyboard shortcuts, (many of which were already built into the program), are available. Please press Insert+H to get a list of shortcuts, however they are provided here for convenience.

File management:

Control+O: Open file.
Alt+B: Browse for folder.

Audio player:

Enter or P: Play.
S: Stop.
F: Forward five seconds.
R: Rewind five seconds.
Control+F: Play final five seconds.
Control+R: Move to beginning.


F12: Toggle notification of the presence of an intro as you move through the list.
i: Set intro time.
ALT+I: Test intro time.


C: Set cue time.
Control+C: Test cue time.
l: Set overlap duration.
Control+L: Test overlap duration.
Q: Set segue time.
Control+Q: Test segue time.
Control+N: New.
Control+S: File scan.
Control+P: Player configuration.
ALT+Enter: Properties.
Control+Insert+1 through to Control+Insert+0: Read columns 1 through to 10.
Control+G: Open file from current location.
ALT+F: Fix crossfade.
ALT+T: Set on test.
ALT+S: Stop on set.
F1: Help.

Sorting the list by column:

ALT+1: Artist.
ALT+2: Title.
ALT+3: Duration.
ALT+4: Cue.
ALT+5: Overlap.
ALT+6: Intro.
ALT+7: Segue.

To install the scripts, first download either the zipped archive or the installer from

Next, run the installer or extract the zipped archive to the Settings/ENU folder of the JAWS version relative to the Windows account you are using, (Explore My Settings from the Start Menu). JAWS versions 11 through to 14 are supported.