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SPL Studio scripts for JAWS updated

JAWS scripts for StationPlaylist Studio version 5.0 have now been updated to build 6.

There are two notable changes.

First, in the Adjust JAWS Options dialog box, the second item in the list is an option to enable or disable the notification that you have reached the top or bottom of a list, such as a playlist. It is enabled by default.

Second, in the documentation I have included instructions for modifying the JAWS default scripts to make it possible for some notifications to speak or play a sound globally, such as when a song is about to end. Usually the installer would make these modifications, however it seems that the installer I use does not install to JAWS version 14.0 if that is the only version on the machine. Despite my very best efforts including public appeals, I am unable to find anyone who is able or willing to help with the creation of an installer to do this work. As a workaround, this is all I can do. It may help if you have multiple versions of JAWS installed.

If you are already using the scripts for 5.0, just extract the contents of the zipped file to your JAWS Settings/ENU folder of the version of JAWS you are running, replacing those which already exist. There will be no need to modify the default files if it has already been done.

You can download the scripts from

Enjoy the new update!