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StationPlaylist Studio Accessible Broadcasting

Many blind people love radio. It’s a medium we can enjoy completely and independently. Given how many hours many of us spent listening to it as kids, it’s no wonder radio is a profession many blind people have pursued.
With good screen reading skills and an accessible broadcast suite, radio is a more viable profession for blind people than ever. It can also be a great hobby. The Internet means that anyone can broadcast to a global audience with only minimal investment.

There’s no more accessible a broadcast package than the StationPlaylist suite of products – Studio, Creator, and Streamer. Whether you need to host a live show, or at the other extreme, completely automate an entire radio station, StationPlaylist can do it for you. Its developers have taken care to ensure the software is accessible out of the box. But radio can get busy. When you’re engaging with your audience via social media, getting some content together for your next voice break, or taking phone calls, every second counts. A sighted person can just glance at the screen to get the information they need about how much time is remaining in the current song and what’s up next, but glancing at the screen isn’t an option when you’re totally blind.
That’s why the best way to maximise your productivity and efficiency is to use StationPlaylist Studio in conjunction with our scripts for Freedom Scientific’s JAWS® screen reading software, details of which are given below.

In order to ensure you receive optimum support with your StationPlaylist purchase, focusing upon the needs of visually impaired users, you can Buy a StationPlaylist product directly from us.
Hear StationPlaylist Studio in action!.
The link above points to a radio station entirely managed by StationPlaylist Studio and Creator, Studio's sister product for scheduling.

If you wish to learn how to use the StationPlaylist products in combination with JAWS, please Purchase our comprehensive audio tutorial!

The JAWS for Windows Scripts for StationPlaylist Studio, Creator and the Remote Voice Track Editor

StationPlaylist Studio is an extremely accessible application. Almost all of the functions can be activated using the keyboard. However, as with many applications, it is useful to have keystrokes to read important parts of the screen succinctly. Particularly in a broadcasting situation where gaining an awareness of what is happening quickly is imperative, these powerful scripts provide productivity enhancements so you can concentrate more on what is happening in your programme rather than using the JAWS screen review mode to locate the information you need.

The StationPlaylist Studio scripts contain:

  • Direct interaction with StationPlaylist Studio. Rather than gathering information from the screen by using the JAWS Cursor or similar methods, where possible data is retrieved direct from the application. This is ideal if you do not have the window maximised or if other applications are open as you will gain accurate reporting of events;
  • A function to set focus to StationPlaylist Studio when located within any other application;
  • Logical keystrokes for accessing all special functions. When appropriate, keystrokes are used with which you should already be familiar, such as JAWS Key+T to read the title;
  • Intelligent handling of time segments, reporting on-screen data in minutes/seconds format;
  • The ability to hear relevant track information without having to enter its properties, such as the artist/title name, length and full path. This information can also be placed in the JAWS Virtual Viewer;
  • Keystrokes to read important information quickly, such as remaining time of main players, voice track player and cart player;
  • The ability to notify you when an introduction is about to end. You can enter your preferred number of seconds for the warning;
  • A countdown timer shown on a Braille display when introductions are being played;
  • Notification of the ending of a music track. You can enter your preferred number of seconds for the warning which is given even if focus is not within the StationPlaylist Studio application;
  • Sounds or alternative speech messages to indicate important events;
  • A timer which counts down on the Braille display the end of a track;
  • Messages or sounds to indicate the microphone status;
  • A special “search facility” to find a song in a Playlist;
  • Notification of when jingle carts have stopped playing;
  • Keystrokes available from within any application so as to control various aspects of StationPlaylist Studio;
  • A keystroke to report the amount of time for the track to play which can be used from within any application;
  • The ability to hear the status of Check Boxes before track information;
  • Notification of track categories such as whether the focused item is a track or spot;
  • Flexibility to move through columns in the Playlist and then to move down a particular column to hear only the data within it;
  • Configurable special options using either keystrokes or through the Adjust JAWS Options/Quick Settings Dialog Box. Help text to describe each function in the Adjust JAWS Options Dialog Box is provided;
  • A count-up timer which is visible on the Braille display for notifying a broadcaster of the current time in minutes and seconds;
  • A bookmarking facility so you can mark a spot in a Playlist and return to it quickly;
  • The ability to enable and disable Metadata streaming with quick keystrokes and to verify the status;
  • A facility which enables a broadcaster to make notes quickly and to be able to refer to them during the program, sometimes used for identifying song requests and dedications;
  • Lists providing the JAWS and application keystrokes;
  • Concise messages using the correct contextual voice relative to the information being requested;
  • Special support for the Track Tool;
  • Braille support;
  • Additional help for fields in the StationPlaylist Options Dialog Box;
  • Intelligent reading of time-based Edit Fields such as those found in the "Set Temporary Cue" and "Insert Track" utilities;
  • Additional benefits for users of the Sam Encoders from Spacial Audio and the built-in SPL Encoder;
  • Comprehensive support within StationPlaylist Creator, including announcement of all fields;
  • Features for the Remote Voice Track Editor;
  • Extremely comprehensive User Guide and Keystroke Summary;
  • An easy method of installation and internet activation with no special setup requirements;
  • Support for JAWS versions 11 through to 17, not just the latest.

After you purchase, you’ll receive instant confirmation via Pay Pal, who will email you a receipt. Later, we’ll email you and let you know how to activate your scripts. Please note that this is not an automated process, so allow at least 12 hours for delivery. Usually, the time will be far less than that. Don’t forget to check your junk mail or spam folder, since sometimes our confirmation emails can end up there.

When you purchase the StationPlaylist scripts you will receive:

  • The scripts activation file via the internet.
  • Updates and support for one year.
  • Access to our Email list for one year so you can receive announcements of script updates together with chatting with other users of them, perhaps to share ideas for features you would like to see.

A demonstration copy of these scripts is now available. The demonstration is unlimited, however messages concerning the fact that you are using Demonstration Mode are given periodically. From time to time, you will also be invited to browse to this page in order to purchase them.

Only English versions of Microsoft Windows and JAWS are supported. Please be sure to test the demonstration copy of the scripts prior to purchase.


Links to the most recent versions of the scripts appear first, with older releases further down.

How to Purchase.

The cost of an annual subscription to the StationPlaylist scripts is £18 which is approximately 25 American dollars. For each subsequent year, the cost is £14 which is approximately 20 American dollars.

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