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Comments on the Installer for the SPL JAWS Scripts

I have had a number of "complaints" recently about the limitations of the installer program for the StationPlaylist Studio scripts for JAWS. Essentially, on machines which only have JAWS 14 installed with no other version, the installer is unable to detect the presence of V14 and make the modification to the default files. There are people which have written to me saying this is not particularly acceptable.

Before going further, I must say that my first priority in developing these scripts is to serve the needs of our own Team-FM broadcasters. The fact that other stations are actively using and benefiting from this project I consider to be a bonus for them. almost no donations are received to help support it. So in fact people do not have a right to complain.

Having said that, obviously I want to help where I can. Currently, I am using an installer called JSX, which extracts the scripts to the correct location on the machine and makes a small modification to the JAWS default file. If anyone is aware of an alternative installer to facilitate this process, or better still is able to create one, I would welcome the opportunity of corresponding with them so as to resolve this problem. The more time I spend supporting people with this process, the less time is available for new script features and development.

Thanks for reading!