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Build 4 of SPL Studio scripts now available!

Build 4 of the StationPlaylist Studio scripts is now available for version 5.0 of SPL only.

This contains the following changes.

First, I have implemented a slightly different process for reporting the Check Box state of an item, checked or unchecked, as you move through the playlist. This makes understanding this a little easier.

Now to the main feature.

Hearing the Status of Categories

As you move through a Playlist, it could be important to hear whether an item is a Track or Spot. JAWS can be set to advise you of this. Please note that this function only is useful if you have manually inserted items into a Playlist. It will not operate if StationPlaylist Creator has created a Playlist for you.

This mode can be activated by:
Pressing StationPlaylist Key then Y which toggles the function from being enabled to disabled and vice-versa, or
From the Adjust JAWS Options Dialog Box, activated with the JAWS Key+V.

Changing the status of the mode is permanent and will remain in place even if the computer is re-started until it is changed again.
To update, simply extract the zipped archive of the jaws files found at
to your jaws Settings/ENU folder, replacing those which already exist. Alternatively, you can run the installer.