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New build of StationPlaylist 4.33 and 5.0 scripts available!

A new build of JAWS scripts for StationPlaylist version 4.33 and 5 is now available.

If you use the scripts for StationPlaylist, please consider donating! Even a small donation is worthwhile as a great deal of development time goes into producing and updating them.

The best way of installing the scripts is to extract the content of the zipped archive on the webpage to your JAWS Settings/Enu folder, replacing the files which already exist.
Alternatively, an installer is available as usual.
The scripts can be downloaded from
Supporting JAWS 11 onwards.

Improvements include:
Fixed a problem where the listener count was not always displaying the stats correctly including Braille.
Added a new function, StationPlaylist Key then M from any application accept Studio, to activate the microphone. This is useful if you are focused within an application other than Studio and you need to activate the microphone quickly.

A new feature included in this release is called Studio Markers, described as follows:

Studio Markers allow you to assign an application you have running to a keystroke and return to it quickly when you need to. If you are working on a busy show, you are likely to have a number of programs running, such as Microsoft's Notepad, an email client, a web page and so on. Studio Markers make finding these programs far easier without having to search for them using the ALT+Tab key combination. You can store 4 programs to Studio Markers.

To set a Studio Marker, first focus upon the program you wish to mark, such as Notepad. Next, press the StationPlaylist Key followed by figures 1 through to 4. You can choose which of the keystrokes you would prefer to assign to the application. JAWS will report the name of the application you have marked.

In order to return to the program at any time, press the StationPlaylist Key followed by Control+1 through to Control+4. The keystroke to locate the program must match the one used to assign to the program. So, if you had set Notepad to the StationPlaylist Key then 3, the corresponding keystroke to locate it would be the StationPlaylist Key then Control+3.

All Studio Markers are permanently stored. So if you use applications on a regular basis, you can always locate them if you know which keystrokes have been assigned to them.