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50 Random Things About Me

Well, a lot of people over the new year period have written 50 random things about themselves. I've chosen to place them in a blog entry since I do have a blog, although I must say reading them on Twitter has been very enlightening and enjoyable from those who have chosen to do it that way.

For what it is worth, here are 50 random things about me. Read on if you would like to!

1. Some of my earliest memories are listening to stories on the radio and on tape, including The House by the Side of the Hill, and Araminta the Pink Cat. I particularly loved that one, both by Kate and David Willmott.

2. I was always interested in books which would be considered good reading for girls, My Naughty Little Sister, Milly Molly Mandy, What Katie did, etc. Those were my favourite kind of books.

3. My favourite foods are sausages, roast dinner and fruit, but not all at the same time!

4. I cannot eat anything which is too cold, such as ice-cream or chock-ices. They have to be slightly warmed first.

5. I love the decade of the 1970's. I enjoy the music, radio from the period, absolutely everything about it. The 70's is my decade!

6. I first learned to use an Apple 2E computer at school.

7. My first computer at home was a 48K Synclaire ZX Spectrum, which had a rubber keyboard. This was followed up by a BBC Micro made by Acorn on which I used to write text adventure games.

8. Speaking of games, I went to a computer club locally in the school holidays. A lady there took on the challenge of writing for me a space invader game using audible cues which I could play. She did amazingly well!

9. My favourite Teacher at school was Miss Larkin. She was the person who made me realise among other things how good radio drama really was.

10. I have met some of the actors who were famous in the BBC programme The Archers in the mid-80's when I went to watch it being recorded.

11. When I watched a radio play being produced, I wasn't interested in talking to the Actors. Instead, I spent hours with the producer, finding out about the editing and recording techniques she was using. I was only interested in those.

12. London's Capital Radio got me interested in what you might call Golden Oldies, music from the 50's and 60's.

13. I am a very prolific reader, reading books at high speed as I think book narrators read far too slowly,.

14. My favourite kind of books are those set around a court room, also romance, crime and autobiographies.

15. I love Edam cheese.

16. I am very afraid of dying.

17. I believe in god, and have done since the mid-80's when I began to attend a christian fellowship group and early morning prayer in school.

18. I smoke quite heavily, at least at the moment.

19. I learned to read Braille at the age of five and I think I am very fluent when reading.

20. I enjoy the work I do.

21. My favourite time of the week when I was a child was a Saturday evening, where I would go into the kitchen on my own, sit down with a Wallnut Whip and hear Beat the Record on the radio.

22. I began using a piece of equipment called the Optacon in primary school. This was a device which helped blind people to read. I began to get much more fluent through reading books published by Mills & Boon.

23. I first watched the Eurovision Song Contest in 1976 and did so religiously until the late 90's.

24. I do not have any eyes at all. I do not mean that I cannot see, I mean that eyes are not physically a part of me.

25. I work best when a deadline has to be met.

26. I was bullied as part of an internet radio project which caused me to leave. This made me very sad as it was something I definitely did not want to do. I have also known what it is like to be bullied in the workplace.

27. I prefer using Twitter over Facebook.

28. I can play the piano or the keyboard. I am not great, but I can play.

29. I do like a routine. I like to know what is happening on any particular day, when someone is due to visit, what time things are happening, and so on.

30. I hate being late for an event or appointment.

31. I am 5 feet 10 inches tall.

32. Anything in the least bit related to science fiction just makes me switch off completely.

33. There are books which are definitely good to hear to go to sleep to, not because they are uninteresting but because I know them really well and they just make me relax. Good examples at the moment would be Harry Potter and Black Beauty.

34. I take medication to help me to sleep else I would be awake for quite a lot of the night. A lot of blind people are the same.

35. I think I am a very quiet person for most of the time.

36. Eating an egg or porridge will make me sick.

37. I was in a lot of plays in primary school including playing Captain Vantropp in The Sound of Music.

38. My favourite films are Grease, It's a Wonderful Life, Gigi, Rain Man and Dirty Dancing.

39. I don't like it when the weather is too hot. I prefer the cold.

40. I use a fan in the winter time to cool down.

41. I do love Louise.

42. I enjoy drinking wine, both red and more recently white.

43. I need at least two cups of coffee before I consider myself as being awake and fully functional.

44. I think christmas is the best time of the year, not necessarily for the receiving of gifts but more for the giving.

45. I have no visual image of what colour is.

46. I am struggling to think of more things to write!

47. I do not like being in loud noisy environments, particularly on trains where there is a group of football fans shouting and singing for example.

48. If I can avoid it, I will not go out in the rain. Rain and I are not friends.

49. I really do enjoy eating dark chocolate.

50. I think any abridged books should be banned. If the authors wanted to condense their books with fewer words, that is how they would have written them. Noone should carve up written texts.