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StationPlaylist Scripts and the new JAWS 14 Hotfix

If you use the StationPlaylist scripts for JAWS, either version 4.33 or 5.0, ideally there is a procedure you should work through in order that you can take advantage of the latest improvements in the December JAWS 14.0 Hotfix.

The scripts make modifications to the JAWS 14.0 default files. If you do not work through this procedure, you will be using older default files and so there is a good chance that you will not benefit from some of the improvements available in the hotfix.

  • Select the Windows Start Menu.
  • Select All Programs or Programs.
  • Select JAWS 14.
  • Select Explore JAWS.
  • Select Explore My Settings.
  • This will bring focus to a folder containing a number of files. Press the Down Arrow key until JAWS announces a file named starting with the word "Default". All files with a "Default" prefix (with the exception of "Default.JCF"), should be deleted, such as "Default.JSB". Note that also you will find files with a prefix of "Default_FS". These too should be deleted.
  • When the files are deleted, press ALT+F4 to close down the list view window and return focus to the Windows Desktop.
  • Update to the JAWS 14.0 Hotfix from the Freedom Scientific website.
  • When the computer restarts following the installation procedure, download and install the scripts for StationPlaylist Studio from this website. The installer will make the necessary modifications to JAWS.
  • Should the installer for JAWS 14.0 fail to run, which happens in occasional circumstances, you should follow the directions for adding a line to the Default files as described in the StationPlaylist scripts documentation.

If you have already updated to the December hotfix, just work through the above steps anyway without, of course, reinstalling the December JAWS update.

If there are any questions, please do let me know.