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Very brief thoughts on iTunes V11 with JAWS

Here are some brief notes I've just written for the JAWS Scripting Mailing List regarding iTunes 11 accessibility.
To repeat, these notes are brief and do not contain step-by-step procedures.

I've found iTunes 11 is all quite accessible with jaws without scripting, although some minor scripting would be nice.

While F6 does focus upon some different elements of the program quickly, Tab is your friend here. Tabbing eventually will take you to Buttons, such as Music. Press Space on that to reveal a tree view in terms of the kind of music to select.

There are also more radio buttons than before which you can tab to. Do not use up and down arrows in radio Buttons. Tab to the one you want and hit space, such as Playlists, whereupon a further tree view will be revealed, following which a Playlist can be selected.

It would be nice if you could have quick keys in jaws, such as R to take you to the next radio button, S for the next piece of static text, and so on. Very scriptable if needed.

Pressing ALT may well deploy the menu bar, but jaws does not read this. You can arrow left and right along it however and press down arrow to enter the required menu item.

Alternatively, shortcuts can be used, such as ALT+F for File, ALT+V for View.

When navigating the Store, it is quite laggy when you get into it even on my new PC with 8 GB of RAM. However, once you are in, it is fine. When you enter a new Store page however, refresh the screen with Insert+Escape as the jaws virtual buffer does not seem to be updating. I will log this with Freedom Scientific.

There is also a Show Menus Button you can Tab to and hit Space, whereupon some additional menu items are revealed. This is a Context Menu.

But all in all, while things may be a little different in terms of layout, it is definitely not unusable.

Any questions, do let me know.