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StationPlaylist scripts update!

Hi everyone

An update to the StationPlaylist scripts for JAWS is now available with the following changes.

Reworked the output on the Options/Folder Locations dialog.

Changed the way that focus is now set to Studio from any location. Studio no longer needs to be displayed in the system tray for this to work.

Added a keystroke, grave accent then F2, to automatically set focus to the Sam encoder window, if you use it. Again, this is global.

To update, go to

The best way is to download the zipped archive and extract its contents to the settings/ENU folder of the version of jaws you are using. Go to the start menu, all programs, jaws X, explore jaws, explore my settings, where X is the version number.

Alternatively you can use the installer on the same page.

Please note that jaws versions 11 through to 14 are supported.