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Questions about Cakewalk Sonar

Hi everyone

I am wanting to obtain software in the Cakewalk Sonar range but I am hitting some problems regarding compatible software versions and JAWS scripts.

As I understand it, CakeTalk Sonar is available, but it only functions with Sonar version 8.5 and not the current release which is X1. Sonar 8.5 is very difficult to obtain here in the UK, and even if I could get it purchasing the added scripts is probably well out of our price range anyway.

JSonar seems like a good option, but I am confused about which currently available software packages it functions with. The site does refer to Cakewalk Music Creator, which may do what we want, but again, obtaining a supportable version doesn't seem to be easy.

Can anyone please let me know which programs are accessible in this range which are currently available?

Thank you.