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My favourite new features in SPL Studio V5!

StationPlaylist Studio version 5 has now been released, so I thought very quickly I would post information about my favourite features. Studio, Creator and Streamer have all been updated with new improvements. We use all of them.

Studio has two internal audio players, each of which will play a song alternately. You can now assign each player to output via a different soundcard. This means you can assign two soundcards for use as the audio playback. If you have a sound mixer, and you use Studio through that as I do, you can assign a channel on your mixing desk to each audio player, making for some very nice cross-fading. It works really well.

Next is a feature which allows you to change the properties of an item you have inserted into your playlist. So if you've inserted a spot group in error, you can change that to a manual track or any other item, such as voice intro.

Multiple tracks can be selected for copying or deleting for example by pressing Shift+Down Arrow repeatedly.

Here's a cool one, probably my favourite. In the track preview player, you can hear the last 10 seconds of a track so you can find out how the song ends. I love that! Gets you ready for those cold endings.

"Unsaved playlist warning" is a new option in the General Options. When checked, if a playlist has been manually altered and not saved, Studio will display a warning when exiting Studio or clearing all playlists.

There are stacks of other new features too. Creator has been completely redesigned and has some great options, such as a break note which disables cross-fading, something I particularly asked for.

The JAWS scripts for Studio V5 have been completely rewritten and they differ substantially from V4.33. We do have some new features, and I'll post the changes along with the scripts.

Enjoy your new products if you decide to upgrade!