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StationPlaylist Studio scripts have been updated!

Hi everyone

I am very pleased to release the next update to the StationPlaylist Studio scripts for version 4.33.

I did not plan to produce any further script updates for this version of SPL. But given we are still running Creator and Studio V4.33 on two of our machines, and given I had completely rewritten the scripts for V5, it made sense to port them to 4.33 as well.

To say again, these scripts were completely rewritten to accommodate the upcoming SPL V5. While every effort has been made to test them as widely as possible, problems may occur. If you experience a problem, please email
and I will attempt to resolve it in an update within the next two weeks.
Please explain clearly how to reproduce the problem you are having, giving step by step examples.

If you are using the existing scripts, the fastest way to update is to download the zipped archive from the page at
and extract its contents to the Settings/ENU folder of the version of JAWS you are using relative to your Windows account. Go to the Start Menu, All Programs, JAWS X (where X is the JAWS version number you are using), Explore JAWS, Explore My Settings. When prompted by Windows whether you wish to overwrite the files, select "Yes to All" (or similar). You then must restart JAWS for the changes to take effect.

If you are using an existing version of the scripts, and you wish to use the installer, no harm will be done. It is quite OK to do that.

I would like to thank you for all your suggestions for script improvements. You will find many of them included in the next script update for SPL V5. Ross (from has been extremely helpful in assisting me trying to implement some of them, and so they are only available in version 5.

Regarding support, I will only be supporting this release of the scripts and the upcoming V5 set. The scripts are free, so there is no reason I can think of why you shouldn't be updating. In addition, I will now only support versions of JAWS as far back as V10. I think that four years worth of JAWS upgrades is enough to work with.

That said, I hope very much you get a lot of use out of the V4.33 scripts. Please find below a list of the changes.

Very best wishes to everyone!

  • The Script Internet Update facility is back, so you can always obtain the latest updates containing new features and fixes.
  • The User Guide for the scripts is now available through a link within Hotkey Help, activated by pressing Insert+H. It has been considerably updated and is in HTML format. The Hotkey Help, activated with Insert+H, is also in HTML format so you can read it in a browser window while keeping StationPlaylist Studio open at the same time.
  • Changed the keystroke for Cart Learn Mode from Control and the StationPlaylist Key to StationPlaylist Key then C.
  • Added a function, controlled with StationPlaylist Key then X, to read the status of Check Boxes appearing in a Playlist first instead of last.
  • Added a keystroke, Control and the StationPlaylist Key, to provide a new function entitled Enhanced Arrow Keys. When activated, you can move through columns in a Playlist with the Left/Right Arrow Keys, such as artist, title etc. When the desired column is reached, simply arrow down to hear only the information in the column. Home equals move to first column, End equaals move to last column, Control+Home equals move to top of list and speak desired column, Control+End equals move to bottom of list and speak desired column.
  • When setting a bookmark in a Playlist, it is retained when the computer is restarted.
  • Changed a keystroke from StationPlaylist Key then Y to ALT+Windows+8, to announce the playing status of StationPlaylist Studio, whether the playback has stopped, is in Live Assist, Automation or Paused.
  • Added a keystroke, StationPlaylist Key then Control+Shift+R, to toggle the Request Notification Status through each of its three modes. This was previously only available through the Adjust JAWS Options Dialog Box.
  • A new feature allows you to be notified of the progress of scanning a music library, either when the scan has concluded or periodically. You do not need to be focused within StationPlaylist Studio to hear the progress indicator, nor does the Insert Tracks Dialog need to be opened. In addition, from within any application press the StationPlaylist Key then ALT+T to hear the total number of tracks scanned.