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From Bert: Careful What you Wish For

Hi, Everyone.

Goodness me! I bet you thought I had dropped entirely out of sight. No blog entry at all last week, sorry about that, I was terribly busy with work, and could not think of anything exciting to write about, so left it alone. Of course, if I had waited just one more day, I would have had all the excitement I could have wanted!

Gosh! I do not think I will ever forget the moment on Friday morning, when Brian came into the kitchen, sat at the table, and told me to leave the dishes I was washing, he had something to tell me. I was very puzzled, but I grabbed a cup of coffee, poured one for him and sat down. He then proceeded to make my jaw hit the floor when he told me that he and L would be spending time together at weekends, and when he got time off work, and that I could come to the Lair too, and live in what used to be Hinky's closet and take care of them both.

At first I did not know what I thought about this. The words "Snake-in-the-grass" slithered unpleasantly through my mind, but the more I thought about it, the more I came to see that this was the absolutely perfect solution to all my problems, and oh gosh, was I one happy lep or what?

So that very evening, I met Brian at the station, and off we set for the Lair. It is a lovely place, I have always loved it here, but I was never able to stay for more than a few hours. Now we have been here for almost a week, and to be honest, in lots of ways I never want to leave.

For one thing I have Hinky's closet all to myself. That is pretty special! It looks, to most people, like an ordinary storage and coat closet, but when I go in there it is a big room with everything I could possibly want. I have a lovely comfortable bed, a sofa, a desk and chair, even a huge tv on one wall, which I never watch, but I could if I wanted to.

For another thing, it is lovely and peaceful and quiet here. no ringing phones, no Emails to answer. Brian is not working so he is completely relaxed, which improves his temper I have to say! If life gets fraught then L plays her celtic harp on her phone, or turns on soft music or nature sounds, and things get calm again.

And of course, being with L is just... well I had better not say too much, as ever. I did always so hate the colour green! Giggling here. But seriously, she has been, and still is very poorly, and so has needed to be taken care of, and we have both helped in this.

So why the subject header then? My Mother always used to say that to me. She would say "Careful what you wish for, it may come true and you might not like it." Well, I do like it but, oh, it's like this. I have started to feel a tiny bit worried. Maybe I will talk to Brian and L about it some day soon. This is all lovely and idyllic, but do they not always say something about three being a crowd? I would really hate to be a spare part and get in the way here. Mind you, nobody has said I am, Brian and L are always really nice to me, so maybe I am working the whole thing up in my head. But I dreamed for so long about living at the lair, and taking care of L for always and always. I do not think I could bear it if it all goes wrong now. Oh, I do hope it is all ok!

Oh come on, Bert, get a grip! Brian and I need to eat, and I want to see if I can get some soup into L. It will be ok. I will write again as soon as I have any news. I hope you are all having a great week. Thanks as ever for reading.

Big smiles from Bert.