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We're Team-FM, and we're on our way back!

Hi everyone!

As the subject of this blog post outlines, there is what I think is some extremely good news on the way! However, with a lot of good news often comes bad, and so it is with regret that Lulu and I have decided to resign from the Global Voice internet radio station.

Often when this kind of thing happens, people jump to conclusions and wonder what went wrong. The truth is, absolutely nothing at all. You could not work with nicer people than can be found among the Management and Presenters on the Global Voice. They were very accommodating to us and we would like to thank them for all the help they gave to us. The Global Voice is a station which has just dcelebrated its third birthday and they do have such a lot to offer in terms of music and also speech-based radio. We both wish them so much luck for the future.

So, why are we leaving?

When you have created a radio station yourself, and for whatever reason you have to close down temporarily quite suddenly, you just long to get back to doing it. It wasn't just the broadcasting I missed on Team-FM with our jingles, sweepers, innovative promos etc, but it was the work that went on behind the station too. I loved developing the website particularly, finding out about new ways we could attract listeners through it, and plenty more besides. To me, owning a radio station is so much more than the broadcasting. I have to work at something very hard, that is how I am made and I cannot change that. I love it! Apart from all that, we invested a lot of money in Team-FM and would like to continue to get something from it. I know too that Lulu loves audio production and she needs a vehicle where she can put that talent to good use.

We've taken a very hard long look at Team-FM and I have to say we did achieve a great deal. But we also found a lot of things we could do better, and that's fine, life is a learning process.

As we stated originally in the summer of 2011, we will only ever be a small station, and that will very much continue. But, Lulu and I both love (and know a lot about) music. We do have an exceptionally large music library, and we want to share the good music, (and our love of it), with other people. There are so many internet radio stations on the air now, especially in this community. So many people are giving internet broadcasting a try, even if (like us) they are a small station, and that is to be very much encouraged. You don't have to be a large station to be good at what you do. What we hope is that, from time to time, you will come over to our station, Team-FM, and find out what we are offering. Maybe stay for a while, hear some good music and have a chat with us. There's absolutely no pressure at all, just come along if you want to.

So, when we launch in a few weeks time, what exactly will we be offering?

1. There will not be an official launch. One launch day is enough for anyone. When you wake up one day, we'll be there. We'll tell you about upcoming shows and what we're doing, but we will just be there!

2. We are extremely proud to be operating legally! A number of presenters at the time, (and listeners to some extent), really wanted to be able to download Team-FM shows, and of course that was high testimony to what we were achieving. But it doesn't matter how much people want it. Certainly in the UK and US, making downloadable podcasts of music which is under copyright is illegal. We cannot get away from that. Having said that, we are very proud not to be offering downloadable content and to be staying within our licencing regulations. For anyone interested, our licencing details will be available on our new website, of which more in a moment.

We do recognise the need however for shows to be available for people who cannot listen live, so we have spent a long time finding a legal solution to the problem. You will be glad to know we have. In addition to being able to hear shows repeated on the station during the week, you will be able to listen again to programmes directly from the Team-FM website, on demand. Please see our new website for details when the station has relaunched.

3. As far as possible, you will not hear any explicit content, bad language or sexual innuendo on our station. That is just not what we are about. We do not like it. There are places for that, but when you tune into Team-FM, you won't hear it.

4. When there are no live shows (or repeated programme replays), we will provide automated music content. While lots of stations offer this, I would ask please that you give us a listen. I personally think we have the best automated music available. I certainly haven't heard anything like it. Using the very latest technology, we have put together a carefully planned and sophisticated automated music service which we hope you will really enjoy, spanning music from the past 90 years. We've spent a long time preparing it, so do give it a try if you are interested. It really is awesome!

5. Our earlier website has been completely removed and a new one constructed. You will see many of the same features as before, but definitely some new ones too! As with the station, the website will always continue to develop.

6. In addition to our regular programming, do be prepared for unscheduled content too. It wouldn't be at all unusual for a presenter to produce a spontaneous show for you to enjoy! On Sundays incidentally, there will be a slight emphasis on praise and worship.

In addition to that, we are looking at the possibility of sharing some shows with one or two other internet radio stations. We can then help each other.

So in summary, we are both so very excited about the return of Team-FM. We've had help from some amazing people who really want Team-FM to succeed. We've made sure that any presenter who does join us has the very best technical environment to work in, much better and completely different to how it was before, and that too has cost a lot in terms of additional time and money to set up. But best of all, we look forward to being with anyone who would like to hear us, and we'll certainly keep you updated as to how things progress.