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Today, at The Bear's Lair

Hi, Everyone.

I'd like to invite you to join me today at 13:00 UTC, 9 AM Eastern, 8 AM Central, 6 AM Pacific, or 2 PM in the UK, for your weekly visit to the Bear's Lair.

Take your seat on the big squashy sofa, let Bert, my little leprechaun helper, pour you your favourite drink, and prepare for two hours of friendly chat, fun and, of course, fantastic music.

This week, in the crank it up corner, a twin spin from one of my favourite pop groups of all time. In the love zone, two beautiful songs from two great female vocalists. Plus lots more great tunes and plenty of room for your requests.

To contact the show, Email or tweet @lulu_bear. I look forward to seeing you later.