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From Bert: Going Home is Such a Long Long Ride

Hi, Everyone.

Goodness me! I've been a quiet lep on the Twitter front this week! Well, it is because I have been mostly asleep. That bout of chestiness and high temperature really took it out of me, so I was content to read, listen to music, and sleep a lot, and I do mean a lot!

Now, here I am in a car, would you believe, on my way home to Merseyside. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be heading there.

I say I am grateful, and that is true, but gosh! I actually hate riding in cars! I mean, how do you humans put up with it? It takes so long to get anywhere! I suppose you have no choice really. L says the train takes even longer. Goodness, what a terrible thought! One thing though: riding in acar gives you time to think things over.

You might say that getting hit by a car, being in a coma for the best part of a week, and having a broken arm, broken ribs and seriously cut, bruised and mangled legs wasn't exactly at the top of my Christmas list! But they do say it is an ill wind that blows no one any good, which means that, although what happened was seriously unpleasant, some good has come out of it.

The first, most important thing, is that while I was in hospital I got to see a person every single day, which was pretty amazing. In fact everything to do with that person is amazing, but we'll just leave that alone, I do not want this car to run off the road due to the appearance of another lep in it, in a swirl of green stars! I would like to get home in one piece, if that is ok?

The next good thing is that you really appreciate how many friends you have at this kind of time. I have really come to see how much I like where I work, and how many great friends I have.

I suppose the next thing is that a brush with the big lep colony in the sky makes you appreciate that it is rather nice right where you are. So I do not suppose I will go capering across anymore busy roads for a while! Giggle.

Once I am back at home, all I want to do is to get really well and strong as fast as I can, and get back to work! Gosh! I never thought I would mis work, but I do! I would give a lot now for about three hours of audio to edit, something really really tricky!

Gosh this car ride is so! Boring! L is listening to a book on her new IPhone, gosh! I nearly died when I heard she had got one, and Brian is working, surprise surprise! I am bored to death! I wonder what would happen if I just went on ahead. Hmmm. No, I had better not. I cannot, anyway, Brian has the keys. Bother! Oh well. I spy, anyone?

Big smiles from Bert.