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Some News, and More Survey Fun

Hi, Everyone.

Well, this has been a fairly quiet week, taken all in all, made slightly more awkward than usual by ill health for both of us. We do not need a combination of Alergies, Migraine and Osteoporosis stalking the halls of the Lair, but here they have been, and they are taking their time about leaving, how rude!

Still, there have been nice things about this week. I always love it when I have a new game for Glinda, my beautiful black, glittery IPhone. The number of games I have does tend to fluctuate, because so many I try I find insult my inteligence, or just get plain boring after a while. I find that many games which are fully accessible with voice over are text based adventure games, which involve me reading a story and answering multiple choice questions. Yawn yawn! Please, don't misunderstand, excellent they are, I am sure, and I know a lot of people like them, but I just lose interest very fast indeed. I want a game with sound, music, it either has to be accessible or else if there are difficulties I have to be able to overcome them fairly easily, it mustn't crash all the time, and it has to be fun to play.

This week I found Accessible Fruitmachine. It is fully accessible, never crashes, is wonderfully easy to play, has, to my mind, good sounds and music for what it is, and I find it completely and totally addictive! The thing I really like is that the game improves, the more you play. At 69 p from the Aps Store, It is cheap at double the price.

The other game I got last night is Dimensions. Now this is not so much a game as a sonic experience, although there is a game element in it. It is free, but be warned, there are hidden charges, because to do anything, you need quantum cells, which you can only get by buying them, or you can get free ones by taking out free trials of things, I did not want to do that. I have to say, I am finding the sound of the game, and the music, amazing, the way that it reacts to your surroundings is very weird, but cool, but there are problems which I am having difficulty overcoming. For a start, the game does seem to mess up things on the phone, so that I sometimes have to reboot after having played for a while. This gave me a real scare the first time, because it turned the volume right down, and I thought we had a dead IPhone before I remembered the disconnect headphones and turn up the volume trick. As well as what the game does to the phone, there are in-game problems. To collect artifacts, you have to touch and hold down a button, which, obviously, necessitates the turning off of VO. However, you cannot keep it turned off, as information sometimes comes up on screen which you need to read. Also, I find said beam button hard to find, and by the time I have turned off Vo, tried to find the button, pressed and held it, I have usually missed what I am trying to catch. Pressing Beam burns up cells, which is annoying, as I usually press it to no purpose! I have a lot of cells left to play with, but if I have not made more progress by the time they are gone, I will not be buying anymore, and I think this ap will be leaving my IPhone for the journey into the dimensions of the deleted.

Finally, B seems to have caught the survey bug! He seems to like looking at ones which I have filled in, and has asked me if I can find anymore, so I have been scouring my old blogs to see what I could find, and rather an ouchy journey it could be at times. Anyway, I have not one, but two here, although the second is very short, as the answers only consist of one word. So, before I buzz off to get ready for The Bear's Lair later, have some Surveyage!

50 questions

Random questions to get to know me better!
Sometimes deep, sometimes just random. Either way, It'd be nice if you'd answer honestly.

1. How old are you? 45.
2. How old do you think you are mentally? A difficult one. Some parts of me never grew up, I am playful, I sometimes live in fantasy, witness my love of my babies. But parts of me feel battle scarred and very grown up, even maybe older than my years.

3. Diet coke or coke zero? Neither! Yukk in a bucket! Regular coke all the way.

4. Summer or winter? Winter, as long as I can be cosy and warm!

5. Do you have a life motto? I have two. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.

6. Happiest year in your life? I honestly can't answer this one. I have just lived each year as it has come, each one has had its happiness and its troubles, I don't think I have ever had a year without those.

7. Happiest day this year? I don't think I can answer that one either. I have had wonderful days and awful ones. The day I first physically met B should have been amazing, but I was so deeply sick physically I could not call that the happiest. I am just grateful for all my good days.

8. Singing or dancing? Singing all the way!!

9. spontaneous or well-planned? Usually well planned. I can be spontaneous, but more often every I is dotted and every T crossed!

10. School or work? Work. I was useless at school. I only had one dead end job, but I have learned lately that if I need to work, I can, and do a good job, work very hard and get things done.

11. Rice or pasta?
Oh both. My boyfriend hates both, so I rarely get the chance to eat them now. Just thinking of all the lovely things I could make with them is making me drool! Ah well!

12. Are you happy where you live? Totally. I love the town where I live, and have a lovely little home, which I really love. I would not really want to move, unless it was to a larger flat in this block, or one near it.

13. What do you wish the most right now? That things which are not settled could become so, it is not good to have worries hanging over us. Oh, and of course, there is that person called Sherry Collette, who I am longing to meet on one sweet and distant day.

14. Your dream holiday? I would like to go to a house where we have a swimming pool and a hot tub all to ourselves. We could just laze about and swim and splash in the tub whenever we like. Bliss!

15. Your goal in life? To be there when I'm needed, to make the most of every day, to know, each night before I go to sleep, that I have done my best.

16. Bodyshop or lush? Neither! I like body shop products, but can't get them often, as the nearest one to me is miles away in a town I can't visit. Never had anything from lush, but hate the stink of it! You can always tell you're near one, the smell's fit to knock you down!

17. Ever wanted to host a bodyshop party in your home? Nope. The only times I tried hosting parties, they were dismal flops.

18. When you look in the mirror (or, if you can't see, if you think about yourself), do you like what you see and what you are? Yes, I do. I'm not perfect by a long way, but I've worked hard to accept myself, warts and all.

19. Do your clothes have to be fashionable or comfortable? I can't see why one precludes the other. My clothes are both. I always dress in things I find comfortable to wear, but I also wear clothes that look modern, and won't date with time. I think it is very important to look wel-groomed and fit into the sighted world. No one is ever going to be ashamed to be seen out with me, ever, ever!

20. What do you think are your strengths? My loving heart, sense of humor, loyalty to my friends and loved ones, my ability to take hard knocks and go on standing.

21. Do you tend to think more about your weaknesses than your strengths? No, I have plenty of weaknesses, but to dwell on them would be self-distructive. There are enough people in this world trying to put you down, without you doing it to yourself!

22. How do you usually react when someone compliments you? I smile widely and thank them, and usually feel very pleased.

23. Are you good at giving compliments? yes, I try to do it whenever I can, knowing that it makes me feel good, I want to do the same for other people.

24. Can you sense atmospheres around people, like uneasiness or easy to talk to etc.? that really depends on who it is. If there is something wrong in the world of anyone I love, I usually know without being told. It doesn't work so well for people I don't know.

25. Where would you like to go on holiday? Hey, come on! You already asked me this one, move on already!

26. Would you say you are an honest person? Yes. I have made forays into the path of un honesty, and it was awful. Now I'm always honest about myself and my life, and with others when I can do it without hurting them.

27. Have you ever loved anyone, but were afraid to let them know? Oh yes indeed and indeed! It went on for a long time, and was miserable in the extreme, and great was my relief when I could finally get it out into the open, especially when I found I was not the only one who felt that way! Big smile.

28. Can you keep a secret? Yes. I am fierce about my privacy, if I tell someone something in confidence, and I then find I have had it betrayed, it is something I find hard to forgive, so I treat people as I would like to be treated. I hear all, as the old saying goes, and I say nowt!

29. Milk or water? Again, I don't like either much as a plain drink, but if I had to choose which, I'd say water.

30. Tea or coffee? I love both, but asked to choose, coffee's the one I couldn't do without!

31. Do you sometimes wish you were still a child? Not on your nellie! I wouldn't go back over that again for all the rice in china!

32. Describe yourself in 3 words! Passionate, impulsive, caring.

33. How much time do you spend caring for your hair and skin? For my skin, not. I generally leave it to get on with things, unless it feels really dry, in which case it gets a quick rub of whatever moisturiser I've got. For my hair, not a huge amount, but more, as I like it to be clean, and tied back off my face during the day.

34. Do you think you changed this year? Yes. I have learned some very bitter lessons about who I can and cannot trust this year, and I have grown harder, and much more self-contained. I don't like the change much at all, but I can't help it.

35. If someone hadn't seen you for a while and they'd see you again now, what do you think they'd say about you? Wow, that's hard. What people usually say is, Gosh, you're hair's long, you lost weight, you look well. We'll leave it at that, shall we? Smile.

36. Like getting drunk? Not drunk as such. I love having a couple of glasses of wine with B, having cigarettes, listening to music and relaxing after the hard work week, but we only ever get mildly buzzed, never really hammered.

37. Do you do things that your parents did and you swore never to do? Oh yeah. I used to hate my parents smoking, and then I started at twenty something, and it's a habit I never could kick, even though I use an electronic cigarette now, which doesn't pollute anyone else's air and is better in lots of ways.

38. favourite ssmell? Orange blossom.

39. which famous person did you fancy when you were a teen? Jeff Lynne, the lead singer of the Electric Light Orchestra.

40. Has anyone ever read your private diary and embarrassed you? No. Luckily, all my diaries have been on the web, and what I wish to keep private stays private, thank goodness.

41. What would be your perfect Christmas? All the people I love most under one roof, loads of presents, turkey, love and laughter.

42. Who in your family are you closest to? My Mother. She annoys me to screaming blue rage at times, but I wouldn't be without her for anything.

43. Anyone found you on facebook after more than 10 years? Yes, my friend Sue Hadfield, with whom I used to be at school.

44. Swimming or running? Swimming, I just love it, but haven't been in ages. a dream of mine is to have a house with an indoor pool, all to myself!

45. Most relaxing sound? I love nature sounds, so a summer garden, or a forest, maybe? I have lovely nature sounds on my IPhone, and play them to relax me.

46. Can you play an instrument? Yes, a bit of keyboard, but I suck royally!

47. If you could invent a job, what would it be? I'd love to do something with babies, help someone who makes reborn babies, maybe I could dress them and get them ready for going out to customers or something, anything to do with dolls would be my job made in heaven!

48. Best gift anyone ever gave you? This is such a hard one! I have had so so many wonderful gifts. Let me say that the two most recent best gifts I have had have been my ruby and diamond eternity ring, and a little blonde person called Miranda Taylor Hartgen who arrived back in February, she is an enormous comfort to me when I'm here alone.

49. Sweet or savery food? Both! Often!

50. Do you like gossiping? No, I hate it. Having too often been the victim of it, I try to keep a very tight control on my lips and fingers. The trouble is it's insidious. It's so easy to pick up things, especially over Twitter, and before you know it you've casually mentioned it to someone, who's casually mentioned it to someone else, we've all done it, I know I have, not meaning to do any harm. But too often what starts off harmless gets blown up out of all proportion, so I try to leave it strictly alone.

One Word Survey

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Five people who email me regularly?

B, Friendmail, GlobalVoice, Jane, Charles.

My favorite place to eat?


Favorite place I'd like to be right now?


And I think that is more than enough! If you have read all of this, thanks for taking the trouble! See you later in The Bear's Lair, I hope. Have a great day, everyone.

Book I am Reading: SmokeScreen by Dick Francis.

I am looking forward to: doing the Bear's Lair, a couple of glasses of wine tonight.