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For Fun, Another Survey, Next Question?

Hi everyone!

L has presented to me another survey of over 100 questions which I am answering. If you read this, you are mad! Grin.

130 questions… promise you won't lie?
I asked L to find another survey, for the fun of completing it, but I won't provide any false answers. Having looked through these questions, I will be evasive with some of the answers but the content of them will be true.

Please note that the term "friends" is used in the below questions to represent people I meet, together with those I talk with using Twitter or Facebook.

Do you get jealous easily?
No, I don't get jealous easily. If I thought I had cause to be jealous, I would confront the issue. It can only turn out in one of two ways. Either there would be nothing to fear, or if it had foundation, I would leave as quickly as possible.

What are you currently waiting for?
To get to Crew station. I am travelling by train and I need to get to Stoke-On-Trent for work purposes. Crew is currently 2 hours and 30 minutes away!

Do you think more about the past, present, or future?
When I think about the past, I try and remember the good things about it, and fortunately, I have lots of good memories. Other than that, I just live very much in the present.

Is there anybody you wish you could be spending time with right now?
Yes, L. She is getting further and further away as I travel!

Honestly, did you really love the last person you said I love you too?

Is anything wrong with your eyes?
I don't have any eyes at all. Now that wasn't the answer you were expecting was it?

Do you have nice eyes?
Now listen, I've told you already, I physically don't have any, so move on.

Have you ever received a love letter more than a page long?
Are we talking e-mails here too? If so, the answer is yes, definitely.

Who's thinking about you right now?
Hopefully it is L, although she may well be asleep. She hasn't been too well the last day or so.

Is this year the best year of your life?
Despite some of the things that have happened, it is certainly the best year I have had in a very long time. There's still some way to go, but I am positive and think it will end up being good. I am very very much looking forward to Christmas.

Which of your friends lives closest to you?
That's a difficult one to answer. At the moment, I don't have a permanent home as such. I have a house in St. Helens that I want to sell so I can move somewhere sensible, but at the moment I cannot, and believe me, that is a complete and utter nuisance!

How do you feel about Diet Dr Pepper?
Its OK, I could drink it.

Have you ever thought someone died, when they really didn't?

Does your bedroom need cleaning?
No I don't think it does, it is quite tidy, certainly I left it that way this morning.

Would you rather take a relationship really slow or really fast?
I would rather take it at the speed it naturally goes. I am not in a particular rush though.

Do you ever hang out with someone of the opposite sex?
Yes. As I've said, the people I mainly talk to are women. Sorry about that. That is just who I am.

Are you comfortable with your height?
Very, I am quite tall and that's fine.

Do you act differently around the person you like?
Well obviously I do! I don't go around calling everyone "Darling" or similar as I do with L, so yes, of course I do. But other than that I do try to treat most people the same. There are a few people however in this world that I definitely do not like because of situations they have forced me into. But that's life, you can't like everyone. You just have to make the best of it.

Do you think anyone has feelings for you?
I am sure they do!

Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
Yes, there is. No matter how bad things get, she always can.

Do you like thunderstorms?
I am not bothered either way.

Do you think teenagers can be in love?
Of course they can. I was, and most of them will be!

How fast does your mood change?
Usually I am optemistic and upbeat by nature, Outwardly at the very least I do try to act positively. When something bad happens, I have to say I am very good at shrugging it off and getting on with life incredibly quickly, and I am talking a matter of hours here. I think I am quite mild mannered and that doesn't often change, certainly not rapidly. If someone really annoys me though, be warned, I am vicious, smile.

Are there things that can't be joked about with you?
I really hate coarseness, smutty jokes and sexual innuendo, and I find it really upsetting when I am imitated. I definitely never do that. It has happened to me at a couple of places I have carried out voluntary work for. Interestingly, those people who do imitate usually have a greater number of quirks of speech (oar other more personal facets of their character) which would afford mimickry, and I definitely would not reciprocate. Certainly if they imitated my ladyfriend and I found out about it, I am likely to strongly react.

What do you always take with you?
Always my keys, cigarettes and my phone.

When is your birthday?
19 September. Note the way I have written the date, day first, month second. I said in the last survey I was British through and through. I meant it.

Where is the weirdest place you have slept?
I really cannot think of a good answer to that one.

Anything on your walls?
A couple of pictures.

What do you bite more, your tongue, lip, or cheek?
My tongue, I think, I sometimes bite it when I am eating. ouch!

Has a boy/girl called you babe/baby lately?
Yes, quite often!

Is there something that you want to tell someone but can't?
Oh definitely. One day I will let the world know about something which happened to me during 2011, I can say that. There was a series of incidents which occurred during the year which cost me what I thought was a very good friendship which I will never get back. It is very very disappointing. It is best not to think about it.

Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months or more?
Yes, I know I can.

This time last year, can you remember who you liked?
Well, this question is aimed at teenagers, as is most of this survey, but I will answer it. I liked a lot of people who I have since found not to be terribly likeable, which makes me very sad. I also liked someone who I have since come to love, which makes me incredibly happy!

Would you ever want to swim with the sharks?
No, I cannot say I would. Maybe Dolphins though.

Does anyone know your passwords besides you?
One person a password to a few services but no, not all.

What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had?
A cup of coffee at about 5 this morning.

I bet you miss somebody right now...
Yes, L, incredibly.

Do you have a box where you keep all your important things?
No, I don't.

Can you count past 100?
Yes, in both English and French, (smile).

Would you ever date anyone your parents disapproved of?
I have done on every occasion as far as I can tell.

If you were abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive?
Absolutley not! I am ashamed to admit I would be completely useless! Put me in an unknown house, and I could get to know it, and get used to it in no time, but put me in the wilderness and ask me to find food and fire, and I'd be a goner in hours!

Is there someone you can tell anything to?
Now I have L in my life, yes, there is.

At this moment in time if you HAD to have someone's name tattooed on you, whose would it be?
I thought I made it clear in the last survey what I thought about those. No, and no again.

Most memorable thing that's happened to you over the summer?
My growing closeness with a certain special someone, and learning more about setting up an internet radio station. Technically I appear to be very good at that kind of thing and at the moment I haven't seen a similar station that accomplished everything that Team-FM did, certainly not relating to web development and an online web presence. One day, believe me I will get back to doing that and taking it much much further. I have thoughts in my head where I want that to go, a lot of really good ideas I want to work on.

Has anyone called you perfect before?
No I don't think they have, and that is OK. I am not sure I would want them to, I am not.

Do your best friends' parents tend to like you?
I don't know who they are so it's not likely.

Are any of your friends taller than you?
I wouldn't know about the height of all of them.

Do you prefer the ocean or pool?
Oh, the pool every time. My dream would be to have a big house with an indoor pool all of my very own.

Ever liked someone whose name started with a B?
No I haven't.

Does the last person you shared a bed with, mean anything to you?
Everything in the whole wide world and more besides.

What's your favorite part of the song that you're listening to?
I am not listening to music right now although I often do. I will when I have finished writing this. I am listening to the jaws screen-reader when I review the text I have written, the sound of the train and particularly listening out for the refreshment trolley as I want more coffee.

Ever really cried your heart out?
Yes, I admit that and it's OK to do that.

Are you the same person as you were at the beginning of 2012?
No, I don't think so. I am now much much more relaxed and that is not surprising as the environment I am currently living in is far more tranquil. I used to be very reserved about what I wrote on Twitter and Facebook. Now, I don't care as much. I know people follow my accounts even though I have blocked them, and that's OK. If I don't want people to know something then I am not going to publicly publish it! I will send direct messages or email to people I want to talk to privately. Anything which I do publish on my Twitter account is linked to Facebook. Absolutely anyone can read those comments. There's nothing on here I wouldn't want the world to know. Carry on, please have a good read! (smile).

Do you get good grades?
I got excellent grades at College. On the course I studied for, my results exceeded all seeing candidates for the same course in the UK during that year, so I thought that was OK.

Is there a difference between love and IN love?
Oh there surely is.

Have you ever been on a motorcycle?
No I haven't, but I would quite like to.

Does it bother you when someone says they will call you and they don't?
Yes, it is infuriating!

Was 2011 a good year for you?
It was a very mixed year, but in the end, things worked out for the best. That is the most positive thing I can say.

Do you think you were raised well?
Yes, I do.

What's worse: liars or cheaters?
I'd say there is not much to choose between them.

Have you ever broken someone's heart?
Yes, unfortunately, more than once.

Does it matter if your boyfriend/girlfriend smokes?
At the moment my ladyfriend and I both smoke, we use what are commonly called electronic cigarettes, whereby we can inhale flavoured nicotine, without polluting anyone else's air or inhaling the harmful cancer causing chemicals normal smokers inhale, they suit us well.

Give me a random lyric from the song you're listening to.
I've already said, I am not listening to one! But ah, wait, here comes the man with the trolley, and it's the strange one who is always on the train. He is saying, "don't give me any notes, I cannot be doing with notes at this time of the morning!" OK, whatever.

Do you like competition?
Well that depends on what level. If it's work or related to a hobby, actually yes, I thrive on it! I do much much better if I think someone is competing! I tend to really throw myself into whatever it is even harder than I would have done originally!

Do you think two people can last forever?
Yes, I do. It has not worked for me yet, but I know it can work, and maybe for me it will.

Do you consider yourself lucky?
On balance, yes, I think I am.

Is there someone that cares about you more than themselves?
Oh, absolutely, and it is very much reciprocated.

Who was the ugliest person you saw today?
I cannot see, so I don't know.

Freedom or safety?
I like to have the independence to choose what I want to do, and on the whole I can do that. I have very very good mobility skills, and since last October, I have found that I ccan do things I never thought I was able to. But obviously I try to be as safe as possible. I try not to put myself in vulnerable situations.

Has a song ever made you cry?
I don't think it has, no.

Has a book ever made you cry?
Oh not one of these crying questions again. No.

Is the world crumbling to pieces?
I am glad we are getting near the end of this survey now. I don't think so. I think you are running out of good questions to ask me!

Will you be in a relationship next month?
I really do hope so!

Your phone rings, what do you say?
That depends which phone I am answering. If its my work phone, and I don't know the caller, "hello Brian Hartgen". If it's my personal phone, "Hi".

Has anyone ever said they wanted to marry you?
Yes they have most certainly.

Is your birthday on a holiday?

Do you always answer your phone?
No, not always. Sometimes I will let it go to voicemail.

Has someone of the opposite sex ever told you they loved you?
Yes, they certainly have, more than once! Giggling.

Who was the last person you had a sleepover with?
Do you know, I have never had a sleepover, and that is a shame, because they do sound like fun!

Is there someone you wish you were still close with?
Yes. But it is no good looking back. Be positive and look forward! There are always, always new people to meet and to like.