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From Bert: Wanting it Now

Hi, Everyone.

Goodness me! This week seems to have gone on forever, but, looking back through my tweets, I can see that I have made progress.

For one thing, my Twitter followers went up dramatically this week, and to all who choose to read my tweets, not to mention my blog ramblings, I am so grateful. For another, I have been allowed to get out of bed and sit in my chair most days, and even to take short walks now and then, although my legs are still very bruised and cut, and still feel very wobbly. Also I have been taken off completely soft food, and been allowed to progress to more solid things. This is really wonderful, as you can imagine. I am getting a little better, and a little stronger every day.

I have times when it is hard to remember, but I know that I am one lucky, lucky lep, for all kinds of reasons. Lucky to have a great place to work, and a great person to work for, lucky to have someone incredibly special, I cannot say more, or it is green stars all around, lucky to have the best of best friends, lucky to have amazing people who want to know about me, lucky most of all, to be alive. So why, for a few days now, have I found it very hard to remember this?

Well, having a wonky head and mangled ribs does not help, oh, and an arm in plaster, it makes me very grumpy. But mostly it is plain old impatience. I want to be well now. I want to go home now. I want to get back to working on the Music Machine and Down for Double, and especially helping at the Lair, right now! and you can be sure I will not go running across anymore busy roads! Giggling here! Oh, and one more thing! I want a large, juicy steak, a big pile of chips, and about twenty onion rings. right. now!

My friend Lulu, L as I call her, says that good things come to those who wait. She is right too. I remember when I was at Shana-Sherin. OH, you wouldn't know, of course. That's where we do our training, when we have been chosen to work with humans. Gosh, it seemed as if that time would never, never end! It always seemed to be raining, there was always something I had to do by a certain time, and if not, as I said before, green stars all around! OH, green stars means a visit from someone at the top. If you are a lep, and you see green stars it means find somewhere to hide, because you are in deep, deep, very deep trouble!

Anyway, I got into my fair share of scrapes while I was doing human studies, Human History, Good Housekeeping, Cordon Bleu Cookery (Like I really use that a lot in this job), and a heap of other subjects I do not have time to write down here. Most of them were caused by me trying to cut corners. But in the end I learned that doing things properly and waiting got me the best results.

So I suppose I will go on having my grumpy days, but I will really try and remember, when my head aches, and I feel like nothing on earth, that this is only temporary, and if I wait patiently I will soon be home, and back at work again. Of course, if I forget, now I will be able to look at this blog entry to remind myself, won't I? Giggling again.

Gosh, I have gone on for long enough, it will be tea time soon. there had better be something nice. I hope you are all having a great day. Thanks for reading, and I will write again soon.

Big smiles from Bert.