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LeaseyBite 9, LeaseyNotes

This page contains an approximate transcript of the audio content for the LeaseyBite. For further step by step examples of how to use the Leasey features discussed, please consult the Leasey documentation.

Thank you for your interest in Leasey!

If you're a person who creates many notes to remind you of tasks to do, you'll appreciate this LeaseyBite, because we're going to talk about a feature appropriately called LeaseyNotes.

Within the past two audio items, we've discussed creating LeaseyTexts to reproduce important items later. This involved opening a word processor prior to typing the text. But if you're working on something, maybe you are writing an Email or document, there are times when you just want to spontaneously write something down. Maybe it's an idea you've had for a project that you are working on and you just need a quick note to jog your memory in the future. This is the prime purpose of a LeaseyNote although there are others which I will describe to you.

You do not need to open a word processor to create a LeaseyNote. What you will do is from any application, press the Leasey Key followed by alt+windows+"N".

We're now automatically in Notepad, and we'll write the note in the same way we would usually compose a block of text. I'll type "Call John later this afternoon, 0987654321." So we have his name and phone number. It's a way of reminding me of what I need to do today. Press Control+Enter to save.

We're now asked what we would like to do with that note. Do we want to copy it to one of the twelve LeaseyClips? Do we want to store it as a LeaseyText? Pressing Enter on any of these items in the list will cause that action to be carried out, and we already know how to work with those items. If you press Enter on the item to create a LeaseyText, you do not need to open up a word processor and copy the text to the Windows Clipboard. The LeaseyText is created based on the note.

But the last item is "Store as Note Under Category". Recall the substance of this note. We want to call John later today, and later, we'll see how we can view notes under a specific category. So this category might be called "Today's Tasks". When we review that category later on, we'll learn about all the things we still need to do today. Press Enter on this option to move into the category area.

If no categories exist, you are invited to type a new name for it. If you have previously stored notes under categories, as I have, you'll find there is a list of these. Moving to a category by pressing Down Arrow, and then pressing Enter, will cause the note to be filed under the chosen category.
At the top of the list, as we heard, is an item, "Add New Category". That is what we're going to do.

I am asked for the name of the category. I will call it "Today's Tasks". Press Enter to move to the next stage.

We now need to give our note a title. This is about John's phone call, so I will type, John Call. Press Enter. The name in this instance should be an abbreviated form of what the note is about but with enough information to remind you of its purpose. Press Enter once more.

The saving process is now complete.

Time has moved on, and we need to review the list of tasks still outstanding for today. To do that, press the Leasey Key then ALT+Windows+L.

We are presented with our list of previously defined categories. Use the Down Arrow key to locate "today's Tasks" and press Enter.

As you would expect, we now have a list of notes under the category of "Today's Tasks". In a moment, we will find the note we want and press Enter to read it to remind ourselves of John's phone number. But if you change your mind, perhaps you have inadvertently chosen the wrong category, press Escape and you will find yourself back at the category list.

"today's Tasks" is the category we want, so I will select that and press Enter.

Now, select the note regarding John's phone call, and press Enter.

We can now read the text, and call him. Because the text is in the JAWS Virtual Viewer, we're able to review it, one character at a time, making it easier to dial the phone number.

A LeaseyNote is all it takes for you to stay on track.

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