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LeaseyBite 6, Get iTuned In

This page contains an approximate transcript of the audio content for the LeaseyBite. For further step by step examples of how to use the Leasey features discussed, please consult the Leasey documentation.

Thank you for your interest in Leasey!

Time now to get iTuned into LeaseyBite number 6. I remember a time when iTunes was not only inaccessible to us as blind people, but it was predominantly concerned with transferring music from our CD collection to an iPod. Times have changed, and Apple now have a rich array of songs, movies, TV shows and other items you can purchase online from their huge store.

Some people find iTunes confusing and tricky to use. When we asked people how we could make life easier in this regard, they told us they wanted two things. first, to know whether an item was available on iTunes. There's no point in loading it up if what they want to buy is not available. Second, to read about new releases or items which are popular. We've dealt with both of these topics in LeaseySearch.

Having launched LeaseySearch again, I'll press letter "I" for iTunes. Then, press enter.

I now have several options available.
Search iTunes on the Web. This does exactly what it says. You can search for an item, read a biography of the music artist, and even preview the song.
iTunes Power Search. This launches the iTunes program whereupon you can perform a more advanced search as an alternative to typing something directly into the Edit Field of the iTunes Store page.
The next four items deliver new item information. These are new music, new movies, new TV shows and new audio books.

Lets begin with the first item, Search iTunes on the Web. Having pressed the Home key this time to move to the top of the list, I'll press Enter.

We are asked what we would like to search for. On this occasion, I'll search for Meghan Trainor's song, "All About That Bass". Press enter.

We're now being asked to specify what kind of search we would like. Is it a song, album title or artist name.
Use the Down Arrow key to select the criteria. I'll just press Enter as it is a song, which is the default option.

We now have a screen available which should be self-explanatory. It shows the artist name, the album it comes from, the song title which is hyperlinked, the price, whether the song contains explicit content which this one does not, and a Link to download a short sample of the song. This is a file which you can play in your media player of choice.
I will let you hear a few examples.

artist: Meghan Trainor
Album: All About That Bass - Single"
Link All About That Bass"
price: 0.99
Link Download All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor sample.

artist: Meghan Trainor
Album: Now That's What I Call Music 89"
Link All About That Bass"
price: 0.99
Link Download All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor sample.

artist: Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox
Album: Historical Misappropriation"
Link All About That Bass (feat. Kate Davis)"
price: 0.99
Link Download All About That Bass (feat. Kate Davis)" by Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox sample.

So this is a very good way of finding out whether something is available. I'll press Enter on the link for the single.

After a short pause, we are taken to the relevant page. We have a number of options. We can obtain a preview.
Focus is automatically set to this Button.
If I press Space, I should be able to listen to it.

Alternatively you can press the letter "B" in order to move through the Buttons on the page which give some very useful options.
"Listenon on Apple Music".
If I want to buy the song, I activate the Button to view it in iTunes.

We then reach a Button labelled "1". This pertains to the first track on the single or album. Below the Button, you will see the song title. Press Space on the Button which, again, will allow you to preview the song.

Information about the song or album can also be read on this page, such as release date and artist biography details.

To repeat, if you do want to purchase the song, activate the "View in iTunes Button. This gives you an opportunity to read reviews as well.

Next, press Space Bar on the Button "View In", whereupon iTunes will open. This is denoted by a "swishing" sound.

Press Tab a number of times and you will reach the iTunes store page for the item in question. Pressing the letter "B" will invariably take you to the "Purchase" Button. Press the Space Bar to buy it.

If you just want to use LeaseySearch to preview something on the web, you do not need iTunes installed.

The iTunes Power Search feature does require iTunes to be available on the machine.
It will launch a form into which you can type a song title, artist name and select from a range of categories. The category selection consists of a Combo Box which you can manipulate with the Up and Down Arrow keys. You may or may not need to activate JAWS Forms Mode first by pressing Enter on the Combo Box prior to moving through it.

The new release information is self-explanatory. I'll launch LeaseySearch again, and select Movies.

There is currently only one category in this list. There are multiple categories in other searches. To read about the Top Movies, press Enter.

You are now asked whether you would like to see movies with or without explicit content. Make your selection by pressing letters "Y" or "N" and again, press Enter.

The results which are retrieved are local to your country. Each new result is denoted by a new Link and Heading. Press Enter on any item to read more about it.

So, LeaseySearch not only provides you with information to help you work or study, but through her help, there are hours of fun and entertainment in front of you.

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