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LeaseyBite 29, LeaseyDiary

This page contains an approximate transcript of the audio content for the LeaseyBite. For further step by step examples of how to use the Leasey features discussed, please consult the Leasey documentation.

Thank you for your interest in Leasey!

However busy we are, we all need to keep track of appointments, whether it is a reminder that we need to visit the hospital, meet a friend for dinner or any employment related tasks. LeaseyDiary is an easy way to keep track of what you need to do.

There are accessible calendars available, such as that found within Microsoft Outlook. However, for a number of people they offer far more functionality than is needed. LeaseyDiary helps to keep appointment creation and management straightforward. We'll show you how it works in this LeaseyBite.

Before we begin working with the LeaseyDiary, it is important to remember that the date format must have been selected in LeaseyManager. You can select
whether you would like to enter the day firstthen the month, (UK format), or month first then day, (US format).
What's the LeaseyManager? It is fully described in the Leasey documentation, but essentially it allows you to configure options relating to how Leasey works. I'll go into the LeaseyManager now by pressing the Leasey Key then Control+Shift+M.

The first few screens allow you to configure different options, predominantly for Leasey Basic users. We're not suggesting that Leasey Advanced users would want or need these items, although you can configure them if you want to. What we're looking for is the option for the date format.
Move through each screen by pressing Enter and, when you reach the item relating to the date format, just press the Up or Down Arrow keys to move through the options and press Enter on the one you want.
You do not necessarily need to complete the remaining sections of the LeaseyManager. Just press Escape now.

So now we're ready to create an appointment.
We'll go into the LeaseyDiary menu by pressing the Leasey Key then Control+Shift+Y.

The first item on the LeaseyDiary menu is “Create an Appointment”. When activated by pressing Enter, you are asked a number of questions. Please press
Enter after each question has been answered so as to move to the next one. JAWS will give you very precise instructions as to how to answer a question.
First you are required to enter a date using four figures. Again, this will depend upon the date format selected. For example, if you wanted to set an appointment for 22 July, in the UK you would type 2207 and in the US 0722. If the appointment is for the following year, you should follow the date with the characters, -n, that is the hyphen or dash sign, followed by the letter N for next year. The date therefore may look like this. 2207-n. Press
Enter to move to the next screen.

Next, please enter a time. You can use the 24 hour clock format. The hours should be separated from the minutes by a colon character. For example,
6 PM will be 18:00. Alternatively, you can type the words Morning, Afternoon or Evening. If the event occupies the entire day, please press Enter so as to leave this field empty of text. Press Enter to move to the next screen.

Now you should enter the subject of the appointment, a one line summary relating to the appointment, such as "Hospital Visit". Press Enter to move to the next screen.

Finally, type the notes of the appointment if necessary. There is no limit as to the number of characters which can be entered as part of the notes. Please press Control+Enter to save the notes and return to the main LeaseyDiary screen.

The second item on the LeaseyDiary menu is “Check for Appointments”. When activated, this presents you with a list of the months of the year. Press the Up or Down Arrow keys to move through the months or use first letter navigation. As you move through the months, (an asterisk character visually denotes that appointments exist for a given month. If using
LeaseyAdvanced, JAWS will say the word, "Star", when appointments are located.

When you reach a month for which appointments exist, press Enter to view them.

You are now presented with a list of appointments for the month. Use the Up or Down Arrow keys to move through the appointments. You will be advised if the appointment relates to the following year. Press Enter on any one of them to read the details and Escape to cancel. The details of the appointment are displayed using the JAWS Virtual Viewer, so the Up and Down Arrow Keys can be used to move through the details. You will note that Leasey gives to
you the day on which the appointment falls, together with the other information previously entered.

If notes were not found for the given appointment, you will be advised of this. The next line of the text contains a Link. Pressing Enter on this will allow you to create notes for the appointment if you wish. Please press Control+Enter to save when the notes have been created.

If notes were found for the given appointment, you will be able to read these with the Up or Down Arrow keys or any other method of reading text. The
line of text following the notes contains a Link. Pressing Enter on this will allow you to edit notes for the appointment if you wish. Please press Control+Enter
to save when the notes have been edited.

If you have not activated the Link to create or edit notes for the appointment, please press Escape to cancel.

It is quite possible that you want to create an appointment for the same event over a number of days. There are two methods for doing this as described
below. I'll go through one of them.

Create a new appointment as previously described.
Create a second new appointment, completing the date and start time fields.
When you reach the "Subject" field, simply press Enter without typing anything. The previous subject will be used and, if notes were created for it, you can read and edit them. This is useful. If you were taking regular trips to the hospital, and you had stored vital information in the original appointment notes, they will be available to you.

When you are satisfied with the new entry, please press Control+Enter to save.

To delete an appointment, simply locate it from the list of available appointments for a specific month. Then, press the Leasey Key followed by Delete.

There are a couple of other things to tell you.
Pressing Enter on the option, "Hear Today's Date" in the LeaseyDiary menu will cause the current date to be announced.

Insert Today’s Date into a Document or Letter. As the option suggests, activating this menu item will cause today’s date to be typed into the current document. Please be sure that the cursor is in an editing window before you activate this menu item!

What Day Is This? Activating this item will bring into view an Edit Field and, when a date is entered into it and the Enter key pressed, it will speak the day on which it falls. Please type a date as eight figures, such as 22071972. Again, this is dependent upon the date format you have selected within the LeaseyManager.
This function can also be used for days in the past. So if you wanted to find out on which day your sister was born, type in her date of birth. Pressing Enter will cause the day to be announced.

Use the LeaseyDiary to good effect, and get yourself a date with Leasey.

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