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LeaseyBite 23, OpenTween and Twitter

This page contains an approximate transcript of the audio content for the LeaseyBite. For further step by step examples of how to use the Leasey features discussed, please consult the Leasey documentation.

Thank you for your interest in Leasey!

There are a number of Twitter clients which have been specially designed for blind people to use. I used one of them in LeaseyBite number 1, Chicken Nugget. But one mainstream client is also very popular, Open Tween. This presents tweets in a nice convenient list view, and it's easy to read messages people have sent, reply to them, and manage other aspects of using Twitter.

Open Tween contains a large number of features. I'm just going to focus on the areas where Leasey gives additional support.

I've launched Open Tween, and I'm on my home timeline, most recent activity in other words. Of course I can use the Up and Down Arrow keys to read the tweets. I can press Control+1 to always get back to this timeline, Control+2 for mentions, (those people who have mentioned me in a conversation), and Control+3 for my Direct Messages. The cool thing about the Direct Messages area is that you can view both sides of that conversation. If you just read the Direct Messages you have received from someone as some Twitter clients provide, it could be that you've forgotten what you said in response, which means you have to go looking. Open Tween doesn't let that happen.

It could be that you might want to search for a tweet from a particular person. With Leasey, that is quite easy to do. I can activate the JAWS Table Layer mode with Insert+Space then letter "T". Now, I can browse through my individual columns with the Left and Right Arrow keys. If I focus on the "Name" column, I can now skip Up and Down through the list until I find the person I want. Then, I can use other table reading keys, such as Right Arrow, to read the details.

When reading the list of tweets, you can press Control+F5. This will enable or disable the reading of date and timestamps.

To place the details of the focused tweet into the JAWS virtual viewer, perhaps to copy some content from it or to check spelling, I can press Enter. Press Escape to return to the list of tweets.

If I want to see more of the conversation relating to a tweet I have received, I can press Control+Shift+V.

Lets compose a new tweet by pressing Tab. We have reached the Edit Area, and JAWS says, "Compose Tweet", rather than a term such as "body input" which doesn't mean a great deal to anyone. If I type my text, and I exceed the 140 character limit, I am first told to "Stop Typing". If I continue to type, JAWS says "Over the Limit". Pressing Insert+Tab will confirm this and announce the number of characters which need to be deleted.
To erase text, of course press Backspace. When you get back inside the 140 character limit, you do not hear these announcements.
I'll get this tweet back to the correct character count and press enter to send.

I want to compose a new tweet now, and I'll mention my wife in the body of it. I'll type the at sign, then the letters "Lu". Open Tween tries to predict the username and Leasey will read out this text. The same also applies if you use hashtags frequently. If it's not the one you are looking for, press down Arrow. Press enter to confirm.

Using Leasey with Twitter is a breeze. It's a real tweet to use.

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