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LeaseyBite 1, Introduction and Emoji

This page contains an approximate transcript of the audio content for the LeaseyBite. For further step by step examples of how to use the Leasey features discussed, please consult the Leasey documentation.

Thank you for your interest in Leasey!

Hi everyone, I'm Brian Hartgen from Hartgen Consultancy. We have a fantastic product that we've developed called Leasey. She's a cool lady, and her name stands for learn, enable, advance, so easy.

Leasey works alongside the popular screen-reading program JAWS for Windows. It is ideal for the computer beginner, (someone who is just getting started with windows), but it also is perfect for the intermediate or advanced JAWS user as it contains lots of tools, utilities and services to make not only life easier, but also to improve your productivity as a computer user.

I've often heard the comment, "well i'm a very advanced JAWS user, I don't need Leasey". If that's you, or even if its not, we'd like you to listen to LeaseyBites.

We are calling July Leasey awareness month. We don't want to keep all these useful tools a secret. We want to show you how they are used, to teach existing Leasey users how to work with them, but also to let people know how great this program is in practical situations.

During July, a new LeaseyBite will be available each day, a short concise audio lesson giving you details of a different Leasey feature. Information concerning each LeaseyBite will be posted to our website and social media outlets. I'll tell you about Leasey features which have been with us for a while, and those which are new to the upcoming version to be released later this month, that's version 3.3.

LeaseyBites 2 to 31 will have no introductions. We'll just go straight into describing and demonstrating the Leasey features we're concerned with.

All the LeaseyBites can be found at, where you will also find a text transcript of each audio item, particularly useful for people with hearing difficulties.

With all that said, lets show you the first item, Emoji.

Emoji characters are graphical images which are used in electronic messages and on webpages. They exist in various genres to depict facial expressions, animals, food and drink, common objects, the weather, to name but a few. They have become increasingly popular as a result of their use on portable phones and similar devices.

If someone posts an Emoji character as part of their tweet or Facebook message for example, JAWS is able to announce it. This makes it very easy for someone to understand the true meaning of the person's intentions. But how do you insert those characters to convey a similar meaning? You could type them yourself if you know the characters concerned, but Leasey provides you with a list of Emoji you can use anywhere you like.

You can bring into view a list of Emoji from within any application, divided into 10 categories. Leasey uses the grave accent key, which we call the Leasey key, followed by another keystroke so as to manage most of her functions. The Grave Accent key is situated to the immediate left of figure 1 on the main QWERTY keyboard. in this case, to bring into view the list of emoji, we press the Leasey key, release it, and then press Control+Shift+E for Emoji.
Pressing Enter on any item in the Emoji list will insert it into the text edit area. It's very easy!

I'm about to send a tweet using Emoji using my favourite ~Twitter client, but to say again, Facebook or any blogging platform for example would work just as well.
1. Place the cursor in the area where you would like to insert Emoji.
2. Press the Leasey Key then Control+Shift+E.
3. You are now in a list of Emoji. You can either navigate the list with the Up or Down Arrow keys, type the first letter or two of the item you want (such as "SM" for "Smiley Face"), or press numbers 1 through to 0. Pressing any of these numbers will take you to each of the 10 categories whereupon you can browse through them.
4. When the desired item is located, press Enter to insert the Emoji.

Having launched a tweet in my Twitter client, I will now type: This is a tweet demonstrating the Emoji feature of Leasey for a LeaseyBite.

I now need to bring into view my list of Emoji with the Leasey Key, Control+Shift+E.

I will now type the letters "SM" quickly, and I've reached Smiley Face. Pressing Enter will insert this into the tweet.

We will now review the tweet with the Arrow keys and press Enter to send it.

To end, lets just go back into the Emoji list and review the 10 categories. To move through them, I will press figures 1 to 0 on the numbers row of the keyboard.
The categories are:
1. Animals.
2. Facial Expressions.
3. Entertainment and Technology.
4. Food and Drink.
5. Gestures and Signs.
6. People.
7. Sports.
8. Weather.
9. Fantasy.
10. Romance and Objects.

Having reached Romance and Objects, we can press Down Arrow to review the items in the category.
Beating Heart.
Blue Heart.
Broken Heart.
Christmas Tree.
Crystal Ball.
Dark Sunglasses.
Green Heart.
Growing Heart.
Heavy Black Heart.

You then just press Enter to insert the one you want.

Don't miss out. Everyone else is using Emoji on social media. Now, you can use it too.

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